This may give us some hint of which one will fall down first.

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    Please link, dunno if I'm too tired or what, but i see all blur
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    @irene Facebook doesn't have enough eggs in it's basket. So if its main incomes slow down, it can easily be the end for them.

    Plus, FB is gradually losing their users according to some news.
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    @g-m-f yeah but Zuck foreseen this and is already changing stuffs 🤔

    I am expecting some interesting news from him before 2019.
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    This shows something else:
    Alphabet has acquired countless ventures, yet the vast majority of them were huge flops. It appears they only had 2 good ideas during their entire life, and they're the ones keeping the whole giant afloat.

    Yet I've seen people follow them into everything, and defending every decision they repeat as "I'm right because Google also did it.".

    Think about it: Google hasn't had any good idea ever since they made the search engine, and bought Android.
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    @Floydian let's give it a name. 🤔
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    @irene the blyatiful social network
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    @DLMousey on the contrary I never pray for FB to go away 😬 It is feeding my business.

    But even if they are not losing users, people are starting to spend less time there. Content-crafted-with-a-purpose are occupying everyone's feed more and more. Youth are not happy with it anymore. And those youths are FB's very important users.

    So it really is time for them to do something.
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    @Floydian Best one XD
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    @Floydian there's a difference between data selling and targeted advertisement.
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    @CurseMeSlowly @g-m-f

    Facebook will eventually die because it's not cool, but Instagram, WhatsApp, messenger?

    They know a single social network is mortal. But social networks as a "species" are resilient, and they'll keep breeding new ones. I think they'll shift over into more hardware products as well. I dread the day there will be Instagram AR glasses.

    Out of all these companies, Amazon will end up on top. Retail is the largest market possible, they have cloud services on top of that, and are rapidly infiltrating houses with AI spy tubes.

    I think Apple is, despite their solvency, the most vulnerable. Especially post-Jobs. I don't say this as an Apple hater — but iPhones need to be innovated, marketed and sold over and over again. Slack off for 1 or 2 iterations, and you might lose all but the most diehard fans.
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    @irene VK is cancer 😄
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    @Bitwise hope you found her 😁
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    @Floydian Well apple has its brand to lose. What they're doing is basically running a tech company like you would run a fashion company. It's Gucci with a chip inside.
    So brand perception is critical for them, as soon as the Apple logo stops being cool they lose a huge chunk of their customers.
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    I'd say alphabet and Amazon will fall the last. Alphabet because of their crazy AI investments that no-one can match for the moment and Amazon for retail. For Amazon tho, I can see Ali Express and the such be a real competitor to them.
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    @Bitwise wow now I am more curious 😬

    Getting a marine action thriller vibe 🤖
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    @irene Not really, considering the people that use it
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    @Floydian data selling would be where third party company can buy your personal data and use it however they want. They can use that to personally identify you and target you for anything.

    Targeted advertisement is where companies uses metadata collected from you to show relevant ads. The ad can come from any third party company, but that third party company won't know anything about you. They will just see more hits in their ads, as it is more personalised.
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    What is a better social network than FB ?

    I was noticing yesterday, comparing FB group of mine with a similar group on another social media platform:

    FB group age = 5 years = members 200+

    Other social media site, group age = 10 years, members = 3...

    Is there another social media site where my group could be over 1,000 members.. ?
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    @Nanos no 😆

    // How about Reddit?
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    @irene the latter. And it's a Russian company so I have 0 trust for them privacy or ethics wise.

    @Floydian ye, it's been like that since Jobs left.

    @tahnik Thank you! So many people miss that point
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    Linux. Yay
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    I think Microsoft isn't really safe too, the only big things they developed were Windows & Office. Both are having good alternatives, and if one of the alternatives become even better MS will get in to huge trouble. If more people would realise that Linux is an option too many would prefer it, but it's just that everyone's using Windows.
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    > // How about Reddit?

    Does that let you own your own groups and moderate them ?
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    @irene I take it you're russian then 😄
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    @Nanos yes they call it subreddit
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    > To be honest, all these companies
    > are diversified enough to never go
    > out of business.

    Didn't they say that about Atari..

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    > they call it subreddit

    Thanks, I'll explore that.

    I assume its just like other social media places though, and if anyone complains, they just close down your group, throw you off and put whoever complained in charge..
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    Ultra 4K HD
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