This is how Pokémon Go shows errors to its users. It says a generic „Error“ in German with different numbers for different errors.
I am not an UX expert, but isn’t this a really bad practice? The error number has no meaning to the user, so why displaying it? I think it is just confusing and looks ugly 😐

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    The biggest error is you still playing Pokemon Go. xD
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    Na still a good game and it gets better, I play it every day! Last week a friend rented a bus and we drove with about 30 people through the city and we caught many good Pokémon 😁
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    A number is still better than technical mumbo jumbo or, God forbid, stack traces.
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    I love that, the geek in me goes digging in..and almost everything can be found on internet anyways, if you don't happen to have a pogo error expert friend nearby.. 😂😂😂😇
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    Anyhow, can I interest anyone in trying out pogos older sibling? Ingress anyone?!
    Before it's too late & nia does look and framework overhaul for it to be more like pogo.. 😒
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    @CozyPlanes Why? Its still a Great game, The Playerbase is nice and friendly, Gen 3 just released and there are many things to come good...
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    Okay, gotta admit that's some next level commitment :D
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