My classmates are such hypocrites. They pretend to be programmers, but they can't fool me.

"Oh sorry. I can't show you the result of my html code. I have to compile it first, but there's no WiFi."

There's so many things wrong with that.

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    HTML7 and CSS5?
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    No, I think it's HTML9 and SCC8
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    And I didn't know you needed wifi for it. ;)
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    @Michelle oh, I knew I was messing up somewhere 😂
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    Yeah you're way behind, grandpa. xD
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    It’s horrible people actually pretend to be programmers! Why not.. just actually start programming? 😩
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    Html/CSS isn’t even programming 🤦‍♂️
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    There is a microservice for cloud compiling their code over the for network. With a cryptochain into it.

    Wait what did I wrote there?
    I should sleep fast xD 05:36 xD
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    Html compile wifi

    ... omfg such fucktards
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    I actually saw once, someone compile html. The "compiler" just removed all the tabs and newlines. He claimed to "save data"
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    @f7u12 I would agree with you, but you are also just telling us that there is a chance that they did mean it the way you just explained it.
    There is a possibility. But since that's just an assumption, I can not agree with you.
    Only Michelle can find that out. And since she is the girl we need to listen to since she was in that situation and not us, we have to "trust" her
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    @f7u12 agreed. Could also be to actually compile assets, like typescript to js or sass to css maybee with external imports.
    IMO, the pretext of this rant, implies that this isn't the case. Could be wrong though
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    its obviously HTML2.8 and GCC++
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    Any programmers worth their salt around you?
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    How's that being a hypocrite?
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    What if it's a react app with cdn resources?
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    Thanks. :)
    I wouldn't lie on here, so I appreciate the trust.

    This is the same person who thought he was a hacker. Trust me, he has no idea what he's doing. If you still want to protect a liar, go ahead.
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    Oh shoot! I think you're right..
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    Hypocrite means being something you're not.
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    Nope. It's someone who preaches one thing and then does the opposite :)
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    That's not the only definition of hypocrite
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    I use vim to compile HTML, gcc is my text editor and I use MS Excel to interpret CSS code.
    Yeah, I'm a hacker 😎
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    It's like pressing f12 in a browser
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    Wow. 😞
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    @-vim- CSS is said to be Turing complete
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    Websites only work on the interwebs huh?
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    Wa da fa!
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    @Strex According to his theory (which I strongly believe in), everything is kinda turing-complete
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    Perhaps he used pugjs for his markup and didn't have his node modules installed?
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    Reading this made me feel like I've been stabbed in the balls
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    Ugh smh you can get around this in like one line of code:
    <wifi=“on” />
    It’s literally day one stuff :/
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    Yes I code in HTML
    Make Yourself
    Look Stupid
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    "programmers" " compile HTML "
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    Well, if their HTML is remote, and they don't have WiFi, your browser can't download it, hence it can't render it - which is a compilation of sorts.
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    @MPKaboose anyone I know actually right-clicks and chooses "Inspect" from the context menu... Hacky
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    Thank you. I Actually didn't even notice it was close to 500 haha.
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    At that point did you take their heads and smash against the table, reminding them that html is a markup language?
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    FYI :i dont consider resumes containing only html css php, no matter how good you are (except if ur code perfect and documented)
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    @-vim- Because acting like something you aren't is easier than becoming that thing
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