It has finally arrived, WhatsApp adverts are official...

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    @PrivateGER uninstall WhatsApp
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    @RTRMS There you go...best solution. Never understood why people liked that shit app tbh
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    @jhh2450 me neither, but seeing as the morons are also the majority, this was a trigger even the biggest twat will understand.
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    @RTRMS I'd do so, but all my friends are on it. I already switched some over to Signal though.
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    @qwert not if that company is sending it, it went into final testing with larger companies and a control user group late least year scheduled for general rollout by Q2 this year.

    The launch of the business app to the play store was basically the "announcement" that the beta is over.

    Facebook typically does staged rollout so it will probably be a few weeks before everyone is fair game.
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    If you are looking for replacement, I highly recommend Telegram
    Just try it for a day, because it's hard to explain it's awesomeness in two words
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    Shit, I'm out when this happens to me.
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    @Jop- it does have an api, and enterprise one, they been working on it for nearly 3 years, it's being integrated into WhatsApp business as well as Facebook advertising platform.

    It will allow things like direct and automated messages from businesses as well as ussd like interaction. They announced at last year's F8 that it was in final stages of testing.
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    WhatsApp? I don’t know, WhatsApp with you!! 😝
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    Use Telegram X and get all your most frequent contacts there. Then mute Whatsapp notifications. Once you need to only go to Whatsapp 1 out of 10 times, you'll forget about this piece of shit messenger
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    @RTRMS literally everyone here uses WhatsApp, uninstalling would be like removing text messaging from your phone
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    @Wilco people still send text messages??
    Its uninstalled, every contact I care to communicate with is already on telegram anyway, I have a few left on WhatsApp, but their importance is outweighed by my interest in not getting adverts.
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    @Wilco Hello fellow dutchie! I'm from the Netherlands too and yeah i had that same problem. But then Facebook bought WhatsApp and since I don't want to have anything to do with Facebook, I quit WhatsApp. Going strong 4 years and don't miss it a single bit :)
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    Fuck whatsapp, sincerelly
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