An IT guy told me during a phone meeting set up to talk about how he builds these web forms on a dumb CRM for a client of ours that he has been an IT professional for 25 years.

He says he doesn't know much about the codey stuff.

What do IT professionals do again?

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    I’ve come to place anyone who says they’re an “IT professional” as nothing more then MS office know it all.
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    They install Windows to computers, run cables in offices and use CCleaner to maintain computers.

    I guess.
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    He build but he does not code it. So, dont waste time to discuss about THAT code with the guy
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    I don’t like the IT guy at work. He’s on 70% sick leave and a fetish for apple.
    I too prefer Apple, but I know it doesn’t work for everything. And what he knows is generally outdated, and follows a bed practice.

    We got backups and shit... but it’s all stored on different NAS’ in our server room, on top of our servers. And it’s so messy as fuck, boxes everywhere.
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    @okkimus I like CCleaner, it has some neat fewtures
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    It guys do Black magic 😂😂
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    Clear paper jams, troubleshoot network and WiFi issues, do user management via AD or LDAP, do helpdesk support, manage the website blocking infrastructure.

    Also, earn very little and try hard to get promoted, so they can tell someone else to do this crap.
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    Not trying to be douchey...

    But if you make money in the IT field you are, by definition, an IT professional.

    Now。wether or not you are any <i>good</i> is another question
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