I was starting a new job and asked if developers had a choice between a PC, Linux or a Mac. I didn't get a response so I sent an e-mail saying I'd prefer a PC/Linux if that was allowed, or a PC/Windows. First day I get a Mac. Boss says something about how you have to have a Mac to develop on; the company doesn't have good Windows laptops with 16GB of ram.

I really do not like macOS. I wouldn't care if it wasn't for the fact that for the past three jobs, I have always been able to use a Linux machine at work (since 2012). So over the weekend I got it dual booting. It was not easy. Apple's hardware is fucking awful. The keyboard, mouse and bluetooth are all connected to the serial bus.

I got it all working though, at least well enough for my job. It feels so good to have a tiling window manager. (I know Mac does have some now, but I really love i3). I made a guide in case another developer finds themselves in my spot:


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    what are you going to be working on?
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    "PC, Linux or Mac" doesn't make any

    PC = personal computer

    Windows desktops are PCs
    Windows servers are not PCs
    Macs are PCs
    Linux desktops are PCs
    Linux servers are not PCs
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    Why not all three? its just better
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    Hear, hear! You had a problem, you fixed it and you shared the solution. That's awesome.

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    But where's the guide? You link to the image!
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    Ah, but they then used "PC/Linux" and "PC/Windows," or as I've taken to call it "PC + GNU + Linux" or "PC + Privacy Invasion"
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    @ArchLinux well in his case, where he’s still confused on what to use, why not use all
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    @eeee Have you tried author's home page?

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    Shoutout to i3wm!
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    @Froot ur mom a pc
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    @Froot An x86_64 processor does not make a machine a PC. PC is an architecture that always has a programming interrupt controller (PIC), Timer, ISA bus, VGA, PS/2, etc. On modern machines you have ACPI and UEFI or BIOS.

    Apple's are NOT PCs. They have totally broken ACPI, broken UEFI and are missing critical bootstrapping components. Just like the PS4, which is an x86_64, but not a PC in any standard way. (See the Fail0verflow video on running Linux on an x86_64/PS4).

    Any PC laptop (Dell, HP, Lenovo) that can boot Windows can at least boot Linux and you're guaranteed basic I/O. Apple doesn't even have a standard PC keyboard controller. The Linux kernel had to be patched for their non-standard nvme controller as well.
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    @eeee Sorry, I posted the wrong link. Here it is:

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    I hope you dual booted to linux... cause otherwise this is blasphemy
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    How do you even use that keyboard longer than 10minutes without breaking your fingers?

    Its like the tried to make a keyboard thats as close as possible as if you were typing on a touchscreen with the absolute minimal amount of keytravel.
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    Adding this for later reference.
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    Dualboot osx and windows. The run a Linux VM in windows.

    Problem solved
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    Anyone got sound working on newer 2017+ macbooks? Most of the described issues ran out of the box, only thing I found 4 month ago was that internal sound was not fixed yet so I gave it back.
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