boss' revenge

So here https://devrant.com/rants/1349878/... posted prank played on boss. For 3days I been freaking out what boss will do as revenge (check env and alias everytime I login). Then yesterday happened his revenge.

Was doing testing on my programs & sometime some programs would run but sometime it get segmentation fault. Seemed random first but then saw a pattern... everytime I get segmentation fault and I run again it would be fine. Checked alias... nothing, /etc/crontab, env, ps -ef... nothing seemed off, cksum of my binary... correct. Fuck! "What my boss did?" asked myself. Finally .5hrs later I saw entry in my id's crontab but then 1min later it's gone from my crontab

From there figured out how boss did it:
1) He replaced ntpd with his C program that runs in background creating an entry in my crontab every few mins
2) The entry in my crontab set to run /foobar/ulittleprick.sh every 2mins
3) ulittleprick.sh picks random binary owned by me, rename binary.name to .binary.name.nitwit and create a script named binary.name
4) Then ulittleprick.sh will remove itself from cron

What the generated binary.name script does? Sleep for 2 secs, echo "Segmentation fault", then rename back .binary.name.nitwit to binary.name. It even exits with status 139! I want to cry! Worst part is comment in 2nd line of ulittleprick.sh... kill me now

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    What a good boss :D
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    Awesome 😁
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    Genius 😂
    I like this guy already, so want to see the next pranks
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    Lmao. Let's see what more your boss has in store for you..

    Heads up : If at all your boss fires you ask him if its a prank :P
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    @dfox can this be made as rant of the day?
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    someone needs to create a website to compile a list of all these pranks to teach devs what to look for
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    Savage AF.
    the game is onnn
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    Subbing for more savagery
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    I hope the next pranks go downhill from here only and not uphill but somehow I picture him staying up late thinking of more evil ways to get back
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    @silverstar @dfox is there such thing? Or in the devrant app only?
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    Sounds like a lot of work gets done at your place.
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    @tollywood you mean rant of the day? Everyday one of the rants selected by dfox I think is posted on devRant's fb page as rant of the day. Check it out sometime.
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    you should just replace your boss's default browser page to a youtube video shouting 'sorry', else you are dead xD
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    @SSDD you will be surprised the amount of work gets done when your workplace is happy place :)
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    @silverstar thanks I will try it
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    he's nicer than I am, I pay back tenfold. and he probably used cron tab on purpose to make it easier on you. I would have just let my binary screw you over.
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    I'd like to buy your boss please ;-;
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    Boss : 1

    Employee : 0
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    That boss is my idol
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    @xaero yes we learn lot from him. Welcome to devrant

    @sisitrs2 thanks :) and welcome to devrant
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    @PerfectAsshole hahaha yes he on purpose used cron. He always, in his words, "will leave breadcrumbs for you junk fellows to follow. If you're attentive enough you will find it". And there always a treat from him if we figure out prank. But this prank he did not treat me, maybe because not 7th prank yet... sigh

    But right now we have working on legal requirements with tight timelines so he will not prank until next release. I can breath for now :)
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    @DeveloperACE checking the hash of all system daemons before work, check
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    You have stepped into the master's house now.
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    Well are there any updates...
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    That was awesome! The fact that you two where able to determine each other's prank is awesome! PS: Your boss is awesome!
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    Awsome prank and also good detective work on your part. How did you find out the ntpd part? Don't really get why he didn't just exec the script instead of creating a cron entry.

    Debsums or equivalent package file checker is your friend.
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    @thisizram no yet updates because we are busy with our current release but when I get the prank I will surely post. I not looking forward to it though

    @nachocode thanks

    @hjk101 breadcrumbs, otherwise I might not be able to trace
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