TL;DR Laptop suggestions.

I do all my work on my desktop, but I have a really shitty laptop. Been thinking about getting a better laptop. I want to use something that isn't Windows.

So any thoughts on:
- a Pixelbook
- a Mac

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    You can also buy windows laptop and install linux, but it kind of sucks because you’re like paying 80$ for nothing (I guess industry price for windows is around that)
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    Well what's important to you?
    Is portability something you really care about?
    What do you do?

    These questions should help others guide you a bit with this information.

    I personally can't give you my two cents on either of the ones you listed, but I can tell you this: I got a mid teir ultra book but wish I would've gotten a gaming laptop or a Thinkpad.
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    Mac and you will get everything windows osx and linux
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    @rookiemaverick and be unable to work on their own machine. Pray to whomever it never needs to be taken in or you'll pay out the ass
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    Buy a MacBook Pro. Get the AppleCare.

    If you can come to terms with the inflated price and lack of upgradability then you will receive a great development machine.

    If you feel nostalgic then install Windows through boot camp.

    Grew up Windows, Moved to Linux on PCs, finally made the switch to Mac, never happier.
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    I bought a HP Sepctre 15 as my Linux laptop. The mainline kernel supports everything. I run Gentoo, but Arch/Ubuntu should work out of the box. It's really nice.
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    @rookiemaverick aka, Mac's are insanely expensive and are pieces of shit. Can't polish a turd and expect gold
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    - I don't care for weight
    - Fairly large screen
    - Specs: High end (Tired of useless laptops)
    - Use: Development, research, crossplatform, writing, websurfing.
    - C# mostly, but would like to be able to use the usual.
    - A Mac looks like a good idea, since I can also use tools from Windows or Linux. Like @rookiemaverick said.
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    I don't like Apple, and in some cases I might hate it. But I hate some things about Windows as well.

    I'm a dev, I'll use a tool if it gets the job done.
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    Get an asus ROG gamer laptop and install arch on that crap, and voila! you can do web, desktop, low level or whatever development you might want.

    Don't waste money on windows or mac, those are just pieces of unholy shit.
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    Since no one's mentioned it, Pixel Books are extremely overpriced and unless you plan on putting a different OS on it, they are basically useless for dev for the most part. As for the mac, what everyone else has mentioned about it being overpriced with limited upgradablity they are pretty much on point.
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    “There aren’t actually that many of these” hmmm that sounds fishy to me.

    Sketch (Mac only design tool, an amazing tool trusted by many designers)

    Dash (Mac only Local Documentation and Text expansion tool)

    Omnifocus (Mac only, one of the best GTD task management apps)

    Fantastical (Mac only, the best falafel app around)

    Little Snitch (Mac only, complete control of you incoming and outgoing network connection)

    Ulysses (Mac only, the smoothest markdown editor I have ever used)

    I’m running out of space here...

    But you do make a point about “low budget”.

    The kicker with all the apps above is that they all cost money, and there are worse replacements for free.

    My personal opinion is that if I’m going to be a professional software developer then I am fine with paying for good tools. Just my personal opinion.
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    Thanks for the heads up. I kinda expected as much.

    For those recommending Linux:
    I already plan to use it on my desktop. Full power and all that. The laptop is to cover the portable area. Since I've got Windows and Linux already, I was thinking of using a MacBook to complete the Triforce.

    What are your thoughts on me waiting for the MacBook Pro 13" 2018? I don't mind paying a lot, but I don't what to break the bank. One of my main reasons for a Mac is to compile my Xamarin code to iOS.
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    Good fucking point. How did I overlooked that?

    PS 5050 in pic.
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    @leanrob For Dash, there's Zealdocs.org for Win and Linux, feeds from the same source.

    For the rest I don't know.
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    @-xlf I’m glad to see someone ported some of Dash to Win/Linux. Hopefully they will keep working on it though because it seems to be missing some major features...

    - there seems to be no way to make notes. On Mac (Dash) you can comment on specific areas of he docs and even share hear comments and notes across teams.
    - there is no text expander feature. In Dash they actually have an amazing text expander feature that most people miss.
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    Pixel book is overpriced
    The new 💻 has not any function key

    So i will wait to 4-6 june when apple releases the new macs with new processors

    Also dell XPS 13 is a good solution there Is a version with Ubuntu if u prefer
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