Srsly what the fuck does everyone else here do in their spare time

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    Send nudes 😂😂😂
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    S E N D \n N U D E S
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    Usually beat my meat to weird porn

    Also binge watch old movies i guess
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    I just had a hard breakup, so Im just picking ideas to help move on
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    I started to peek inside some GUI tools for desktop like OpenGL in order to start my own side projects over the summer. I really plan to do some thing in the sphere of open source but nothing big, just fun!

    Also that weird porn thing besides.. yeah..
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    ^ you could say i like to open other things beside my sources, hehe

    I will let myself out now.
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    Btw dude, your project looks solid, good luck with it and please keep us updated, if not with new posts, in this thread! 😃
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    @KennyTheBard definitely man! Lmao. Your humor has won my attention
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    >Wanna beat 1M concurrency

    >Node is a no no, stress loading is a nightmare (i know about artilleryJs)
    >Found pheonix
    >Me interested
    >Language seem different so i discriminate
    >Pass forward few months to a year
    >i fell in love with JS es next and functional programming
    >life is good
    >hear about elixir
    > done a free course and i am like where have you been babe
    > then i found pheonix uses elixir which uses erlang
    > back to basics baby 😆

    Still learning erlang and otp then elixir then pheonix then golang

    Actor model is dope and concurrency cant be easier then this
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    @benderRodriguez i actually didnt understand any of that but im okay with this lmao
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    What is spare time?! 🤔
    Haven't heard about it in years..
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    Learn typescript and prove my mum wrong at the same time
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    Only improving my 3d milling machine from scrach (with custom pc controler! 😮) and other electronics/programming projects.

    I dont want to boast of too much, i know you dear devrant users could program and build similar thing but i want to use it to promote myself to non programmer people. Its only buisnnes...
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    Literally make a bunch of useless junk like this:
    Required a bunch of work but it's useless.
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    Building a 1v1 game against the computer, pretty much one shot one kill in a randomly generated map

    the computer ai is built upon its own machine learning so hopefully by the end of the session you wont be able to beat it
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    No worries, lots of us where lost until the word "js" poped out, from there on, confussion becomes understable
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    @AlexDeLarge sometimes i gotta look up if its legal. Luckily not many things are illegal in hungary
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    @sharktits and you can always download them from here in romania, we just love to have torrent proxies and such things
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    Discord bots.
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    Play screeps
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