In general, people who are “easily offended”... can fuck right off.

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    Off you fuck!
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    @zemaits That never works. People will find something to be offended by, and what's more: they actually believe their offense means something.

    Sorry, easily-offended people: your offense is merely an opinion, and irrelevant.
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    @zemaits have you ever considered fucking right off?

    What the fuck does your statement even mean?

    “Be less offensive”

    Being “offended” is just a difference of opinion. Nothing more or less. Are you suggesting that people change their opinions on things to suit those around them?

    Hard line right wing cunts would find me offensive on the liberal side and hard wing flowery snowflake cunts would find me offensive in the other direction.

    I wish the term “I am offended” would also just fuck right off.
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    @SSDD This. A thousand times this.
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    @zemaits I don’t mind if you think I’m a cunt. That’s a different conversation.

    However... if my post “offends” you, then you are a raging ballbag from hell and you should fuck right off.
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    @SSDD I didnt say I was offended or something, so stop being fking delusional pls. Just tone your ego down a little and find a healthier way to express how a special snowflake you are. Trust me life will become easier. Anyway thats just my two cents.
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    @zemaits oh no, someone said something I didn't want to hear and it hurt my feelings! Why couldn't they have just been nice?! Wah!

    That's how my 2yo acts.
    He gets away with it (somewhat) because he's 2.

    Adults do not.
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    @zemaits you’re odd.
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    By the way this rant has stemmed from a work situation where someone (not me) said something that “offended” someone else (who wasn’t even part of the conversation) and it’s now become a big thing.

    Cunts need to fuck off.
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    @Root adults do not. They internalize and then start making passive agressive comments and search other ways to vent, thats why we have devrant in the first place. What Im saying is rise above these fkin office politics and over inflated egos.
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    @SSDD totally agree on that one
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    Easily offended you say? Like this? https://youtu.be/iKcWu0tsiZM
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    I second the motion!
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    Professionally offended people are almost as worse as professional victim glorificationists ignorants who take 0 responsability for their actions.
    I know cause i was both.
    When i was 14.
    Then i grew up and learned that shutting up and internalizing why i take offense first and reacting later is much more productive and time efficient.
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    @bioDan This is one of the reasons I like you 😊
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    @Gogeta70 seen it. It's lit xD
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    @Root the feeling is mutual 🌷
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    Fucking snowflakes and their inflated sense of self importance.

    SF: I’m offended by something you said and I’m going to tell you about it.

    ME: I’m offended that you think your feeling of offence is important to anyone but yourself and it is making me uncomfortable. Who the hell do you think you are to have the right to offend me with your offence!

    Fuck you, fuck your offence, and fuck the people who raised you for being spineless, worthless parents.

    To quote Eddie Griffin. “Fuck your momma for fucking your daddy and having your ignorant bitch ass!”

    Or, as my professional (in the office would say)...

    “Well your entitled to your opinion. No matter how completely wrong it is. Have a nice day **walks away before a response, because I have better shit to do**
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    @rEaL-jAsE Just wonderful. I like your style
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    @panda-roux you’re either a troll or you really don’t get the point everyone is making here.

    Being offended, sorry “offended” is just a difference of opinion, so why should anyone have to modify their behaviours to suit someone else. Why do you think that person is more important?
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    @panda-roux one of the things that people tend to take offence from me is on the subject of religion.

    Tell me this though, why is it ok for someone to push their beliefs on me, but it’s wrong for me to tell them that I believe those beliefs are tantamount to being mentally ill.

    Eg if someone believed the tooth fairy was real, like I mean really believed it - they would be locked up and medicated. But if they believe there’s a guy with a beard in some other realm who is controlling everything then that’s fine? I mean what?!

    Don’t want to turn this into a religious thread, this is just an example of the type of thing that causes “offence” these days, and can get people in trouble.
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    @SSDD “I’m special and everyone should learn all the things that offend me and avoid them!”

    Yes snowflake. Everyone should learn all your unique intricacies, because we all know you are a special, one of a kind snowflake. Never to be made again. (Just like every other fucking unicorn child)

    Remember, if you mom told you it then it must be true.


    For clarity, that all sarcasm.

    Your mommas were wrong. You ain’t special, you ain’t shit. Build a bridge and get over it
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    @zemaits im sorry but from an objective point of view, you seem to be much more offended than @SSDD

    Moreover, i dont know why you classify his opinion as "poor".. Care to elaborate?
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    @bioDan Go back and read again what I wrote. I didn't say that his opinion is poor. It's the way he's expressing. It's as if his opinion is superior so it somehow in his book allows him being an asshole. So don't twist my words.

    And why I should be offended? We are having a discussion, and I see you are trying to join as well but yet so far failed backing up any arguments you said.
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    I see some here have spent a little too much time on the internet and been desensitized maybe a few degrees too much.
    And if you're offended by that statement then you can fuck off
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    Read this book: 'The subtle art of Not Giving a Fuck'. You'll understand why those people are so easily offended. And you'll learn why you hate that. Basically: they give more fucks than they should. As do you about the fucks they give.

    Don't give your fucks to them, they don't deserve your valuable fucks. Spend your fucks on stuff that matters. Make your fucks count. Give better fucks. It's their fault for giving a fuck, but it's your responsibility to only give fucks to what fucking deserves your fucks.
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    @eeee I actually just bought that book recently.

    While I don't think I need help with not giving a fuck, it looks like an interesting -- or at least humorous -- read.
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    @zemaits i hope you are not triggered that i joined your discussion. Im not sure if you are referring to the rant itself or to the comment.

    About the offended part, you are right, i was just trolling you but you seem to be legit. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Why did i troll you? (and miserably failed)
    Because your initial comment was poorly expressed. 😉
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    @Root @AlexDeLarge I don't give much fucks either, but that needs not be a good thing. The book tries very well to help you give better fucks. The examples and their explanations are nicely presented. It's accessible for readers of medium intelligence, but I think there's a lot of psychology to be read between the lines.

    It's a good thing you already tend to give little fucks, because in this way you have the ability to start giving better fucks.
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    @eeee I give several fucks about things important to me (and a few generally important things). Little else concerns me, however; I don't have the time nor energy for it.
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    @bioDan what wording was poor? Ah yes good old reverting to ‘being a troll’. Find something better to do with ur time m8 than this sh8
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    @zemaits not the wording.. The way you expressed your opinion. Check your initial comment. About the use of my time, it was totally worth it as it gave me great pleasure. But nice way to try and diverge the conversation
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    Some people on here are way too easily offended...
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    "How dare you suggest that I treat people with more respect!? They should stop being snowflakes and get a thicker skin!" is all I'm hearing here.
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    Y'all are inconsiderate assholes is what you are.
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    I expected @AlexDeLarge to be the OP for this post, i dont know why 😂
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