Sublime Text, when I finally mistakenly click the purchase button

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    I really like sublime text, haven't bought it though :/
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    If you can't afford it, why not use some totally free alternative that does not change your workflow? Like Atom or VSCode.
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    Firts thing I did after inrership was buying sublime license. And I did it when jps was not even active and project was in semi abandonded state.

    St license costed my 1/10 of my salary and it enabled me to get up to 3 times more money.

    If you do not want to buy it, fine, but do not make a fun of it. Grow up.
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    @astartes I use all of them, thanks!

    My point is, make it either free or paid software or 2 different editions, like IntelliJ editors. The popups are annoying. Sublime text is sweet :)
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    I agree it's a great editor, one of the best that has clearly influenced the direction of other editors in the marketplace. I'd like to buy it but am skint because I am incompetent with money, life, wife, car bills and groceries. I do live simply but am not well paid - because I work for myself and the IT industry is good at reducing the perceived value of my work, thanks a fucking bunch Wixx! Anyhow, I use VS Code these days and feel guilty for not ponying up the cash for sublime text.
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