My new Laptop
Dell Xps 13
Happy af 🎊❀️

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    This is the most Indian thing I've seen here. *Celebrates new stuff with genda ka phool*
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    We all indians welcome any new electronics in our house by traditional means😊
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    I7? It's a fucking monster caged in a 13'' box, isn't it? :) god I love this ultrabook...
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    Lid ke neeche safed teeka laga lo, nazar na lag jate :)
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    Nice looking machine. If the camera wasn't in such a stupid position, I would have picked one of those up instead of my Spectre X360... Well, and the fact that I wanted pen support which I don't think that Dell offers.
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    Damn I'm so jealous.
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    They've made them to look quite pretty over the years. Nice.
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    No numpad, no deal.
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    @Koolstr they're one of the best looking laptops currently, with an i7, SSD and a decent GPU
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    I wish I got one on my birthday yesterday :(
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    I'm so mad with Dell, I bought one of the first XPS 15 iterations, I guess I should have seen it coming but it was sooo unfinished... BIOS updates every other week with no change log and engineers sending beta drivers because "we don't have the machines they shipped you". It was so frustrating I sent it back. Only hope those batch are not still out in the open! Have fun with yours 😘 I miss its design
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    Nariyal toh nai foda na ispe?? πŸ˜‚

    Congrats on the fucking beast by the way. Now purge that piece of crap windows and put a decent distro. Any distro is fine. Just remove that cancer first.
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    Chandan Teeka nahi dikh raha... πŸ˜‚
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    Swastika kidhr hai ?
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