Friend brings over a Windows 8 all in one laptop.
Friend: Can you fix my laptop
Me: I'm a programmer
Friend: I thought you worked with computers.
Me: I do... but I'm not tech support
Friend: Please?
Me: (reluctantly) Fine.
*many hours later after attempting to get the PC to boot from a USB. WHY DOES THIS PC NOT HAVE A KEY TO ENTER THE GOD DAMNED BOOT MENU AND HAS NO BOOT ORDER SELECTION?????!*
Friend: Have you fixed it?
Me: No
Friend: You suck at computers
Me: ....

Never spoke to him again.

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    *break it in half" be like 'Yup, that was the last thing I had to do. Here ya go!'
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    this, and i also hate it when people ask for laptop recommendations. it's like i just handle the googling work for them.
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    @daemonAD It might have it, but that doesn't help me. There was no option to turn it off in BIOS.
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    install Ubuntu and give it back to him saying > I have cleaned that virus.
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    In my case it was that Escape brought up the menu... but you had to hold it as the computer was booting...
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    @JcLr buys something shitty. and it's till your fault
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    Usually, I bash F1, F12, F10, Del, ESC and the power button repeatedly. that usually brings the boot menu up.
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    @oskaremil Sadly, I tried that and failed...many times :/
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