This will be a long rant.

Met this person through my brother's friend. He wanted a cheap static website with a few products images for his handicraft store. I agreed as it would not take much time. He paid me in full upfront.

I registered the domain and created all the page templates with dummy contents. I uploaded the site under a staging sub-domain and asked him for the contents, but he said he was a bit busy and would give them to me later on.

After almost 2 years, out of nowhere, he got back to me and told me he didn't want that old website anymore but he wanted a new personal website. What shocked me was that he told me that he would only pay me for the domain and space but won't pay me for the website as his pervious work was never complete. I denied straight forward and told him I would keep the 80% amt for my work done but he kept telling me I hadn't done anything except place a few images in some html files. Hahaha, After a few in and out mails I told him I didn't wanted his money and would refund all of it, but this shitty guy had a messed of mind. He started posting messages of my fb wall about how i was a fraud and I had taken his money. Things got intense. I had decided to sue this cheap minded asshole but after my brother's friend convinced me not to and apologized on his behalf. He told me not to worry about it and move on.

Haven't heard from him till now.
Thank you for reading till this far.

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    But why refund? Your part was done.
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    People suck. Most of them are OK., but people suck.
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    @deadpool88 He was a very cheap asshole and I didn't wanted to discuss with him anymore.
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    Never give in to an irrational customer in the hopes they will become rational. (That would only work if they were rational to begin with.

    Zero refunds for abandoned projects. If he thinks building websites is simple, point him at Wix and let him see how that works out for him.
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    I feel like that money rightfully belonged to you. He neglected the project for a long period of time then proceed to making slander about your business. Can't think of any legal recourse he would have off the top of my head.
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    after 2 years?
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    Ever browsed the petty revenge or pro revenge subreddit. I suggest something like this
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    Not surprised.
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    @bjorngi people suck. Devs are awesome.
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    @eternalfool yeah after 2 yrs
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