Do we have something like devRant world map or kind of?

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    @Floydian you sneaky bastard 😛
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    @Floydian I honestly though you are dfox goddammit
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    Is there any devRant API? I can contribute

    I've more ideas for devRant
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    I started collecting the locations of users, but its gonna take some time, also sorry for pinging the server 999999 times also i should have used java instead of python because there are no threads here
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    Okay who the fuck wrote 'Isreal' as their location
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    @sharktits It IS real.
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    So sitting around for a while waiting for my machine to do stuff, i bought a vps on aruba and ran the script, ill make a post when it eventually fetches everything
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    I mean, dfox doesn't keep ip logs so idk.
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