So... I'm finally diving into web design.
Vue for front-end and codeigniter for backend, what do you think?

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    I'd rather use Laravel.
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    @HelloBaze Pros of Laravel over Codeigniter:
    Packaged modules
    Prebuilt User auth
    Template engine
    Code generation
    Inbuilt CLI suppprt
    Log management
    HHVM support
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    How about vue for frontend and literally anything but php for backend tho
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    @sharktits why? :p php ftw
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    Don’t use codeignitor!

    Just use symphony and gain some performance and reliability.
    Considering Ci is actually built on symphony anyway.
    Sometimes I wonder why companies create frameworks on top of other frameworks.
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    @C0D4 to create frameworks that create frameworks on frameworks
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    Akka with Scala.All Hail Scala!
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    Laravel + Vue
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    Well... Lavarel then... But has so many depencies ...
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    I'll stick to codeigniter to start, looks a lot simpler.
    You must remember that I only have basic knowledge of html, js, php and css.
    Already made a mockup of what I want in basic html + css, let's just go slow....
    I can always change to lavarel on the next project.
    As for frontend I really like Vue, spend two days researching and really like how easy it is
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    @RodrigoF good. Although I suggested laravel, your thinking is correct. I learned CI first as well. Easier to understand laravel later.
    Just make sure to do the switch in future.
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