Is php beautiful, or ugly?

Here's my php. The beautiful, and the ugly.

*nervously presses submit*

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    thanks devrant for murdering my image... that I spent like an hour preparing and taking... arg. fuck it I'm leaving this up

    I think it looks pretty. I'm proud of how I used contracts and interfaces, patterns, and an abstract class. Properly, I think because it was absolutely needed to do so. But I'm new to OOP (one year experience) please .... though... this is dev rant... don't be kind.... rip it.
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    Go upload the screen on imgur or something like that!
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    Hard to read when blind and devrant destroys images 😒

    But from what I can see it looks reasonable to me.
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    Even thought I can't read it, it's still really pretty. :)
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    .. I couldn't resist..
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    Needs more res
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    @polaroidkidd you're just chinese.
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    PhP is bugly
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    VS code doesn't have this layout ability but Atom have.
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    Their namespace splitter choice is strange, like in windows.
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    @polaroidkidd @Drillan767

    and everyone else in case you all missed it

    not sure why devrant doesn't let you edit

    your own post or maybe I'm stupid and can't find it

    ----> https://imgur.com/XxKvdSo <----

    but yeah.. I use the smallest font size mostly lol
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    my favourite line of code:

    $object = (new Adapter())->handle($this);

    It just worked out that way as I write out, it wasn't planned. Product of using good patterns? or just stupid coincidence, I don't know... but I like it.

    by the way, that's sugar for

    $adapter = new Adapter();

    $object = $adapter->handle($this);

    this is not immediately obvious to most, so I'll point it out.
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    @rant1ng if something is "not immediately obvious to most", it's a good sign you should go with the obvious one instead.
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    you're right, thanks
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    @Pogromist VSCode got that layout functionality now 😊
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