Yeah i applied for a job once without much js experience. I got invited for an interview and a couple of tests. The interview went well. I think the cognitive test wasn’t bad either.

However they wanted to see funky js shit i hadn’t ever done or see before and also was totally useless skill wise.

I asked if i could google answers (who doesn’t in their daily script job?) but i wasn’t.

I tried for like 5 or 10 minutes and then blurted out to the major CTO super tech savy master degree microsoft-o-worthy, that my js skills weren’t up for the task.

He gave me a couple of links to pdf’s with programming basics teached at a high school. Totally cool and understanding.

I walked away ashamed and probably red as a tomato. Excused myself for wasting his time and left as quickly as possible.

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    Was it meant to insult you? or did he hand it to you to help maybe quickly gather what you need? since from experience I would know both interviewer types exist.
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    Walked into a job with no js experience and no js in the description at all and now I’m writing js daily wtf
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    Take this as an experience and analyse where u are and make sure u are not repeating the same again.
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    @jeeper js is one of my most disliked languages but I always ended up filling that position. I'm the "fine I'll do it" guy when roles get assigned and nobody else wants it.

    As a result js is my most fluent language and I'm now also "the js guy". Send help.
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    @jeeper isn't that everyone working in js pretty much?
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