Just a small discussion topic, if you could look through the source code ad have full access to 1 project/application/game/moon base forever, what would you choose and why?

For me, I would love to go through the source code for the game Hyper Light Drifter, would love to see some of the inner workings and just learn new methods of doing things.

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    Stuxnet or wanna cry.

    I'm sure it's out there already, but Googling "stuxnet source code" definitely doesn't return the results I want lmao.

    It's a fascinating attack (I know I'm late asf to the party, but better late than never) and I'd love to see how it works.
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    Google systems. Something like their search or whatever is more intricate and has the largest impact.

    Don't ask why.
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    Windows. To slowly destroy it
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    @Stuxnet wannacry is literally just
    for(File f : getAllFiles()) encrypt(f);

    It was cracked open in about 3 days, was a really bad attack that any high school kid could make, we spent like 3 days making memes about it in the office
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    Windows here too. But just to get a glimpse into hell @jeeper
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    @yatanvesh @jeeper part of me thinks it would be the uncleanest code I've ever seen
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    All the code that made the first flight to the moon possible
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    IdentityRPG, a game in the making. Because I'm fascinated by it, and also because I'd like to reverse-engineer it to make private servers when it's out.
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    Either Google search or Facebook. Google, because their search algorithm is kept a secret and was revolutionary in the early days of Google (also it'd be really valuable for SEO😉) and Facebook just because of general interest of how it works
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    I've always wanted to curl up with a warm glass of milk and the Doom (1993) source code.
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