Thinking of making a “devRant Clans” website listing the leaders and members of each clan on devRant. Thoughts/features you would like to see?

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    Are clans a vehicle for unifying the different tech tribes? You are no longer judged on Android vs iOS, but on your clan affiliation?

    "Sure, she uses IE. But she's a Raven. One of the good guys."
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    All these recent clan, church, and hierarchy things make me really question this community.

    I don't want any leaders who are 'more important' than other people on devRant.

    I don't want to 'belong' to a clan where I'm treated like a traitor when talking to users of other clans.

    I don't want any of this. Why can't we just chat nicely with people we like but instead we separate us.

    Does anyone feel the same?
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    @ruhe I think you are overestimating that. It seems rather to be a parody on clans.

    Though I wouldn't want to be member of a clan that would accept me as member. ^^
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    @Fast-Nop absolutely, Groucho Marx is right on that one!

    Still, I noticed some separating behaviour from some 'clan leaders'. I don't want to say any names, though
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    @ruhe it’s nothing but a cool name or title, people still enjoy talking to each other
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    Is it bad form to keep changing allegiance to claim the free joiner snacks?
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    @devTea I hope so. Then it's just my personal opinion to oppose all 'us against them' related structures
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    One clan was offering free German beer and loaded nachos, I think. I'm starting there.

    Open to subsequent offers, of course.
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    The FOSS clan said i could have anything of theirs for free, but they didn't have beer, so wasn't for me.
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    Being hated by your own ass would be unpleasant, so fully understand. Wouldn't want it to withdraw its labor.
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    @RantSomeWhere That's exactly like I hope it develops.
    It's just that my first impressions of some clan leaders proved otherwise and that's why I have concerns.
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    Please no.
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    What? Clans? When did this happen?

    @S-Homles-MD I don't even know what is going on here 🤔

    Things have been hectic for me lately, and I was met with a car accident today...

    Though it would be fun to write about this devRant clan thing.. ( whenever I get free time)
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    @ruhe Don’t worry. devRant will always be just for devs n stuff, “clans” are literally just a fun thing some members came up with.

    @Alice Noted. :)
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