Reasons why I hate C++

1. Scary
2. Stupid

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    For the same reasons I love C++
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    And I don't know anything I would use it for.
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    Red Apples and green apples
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    >doesn't understand/not comfortable with C++
    >calls it stupid

    Time to get triggered af.
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    @RememberMe my thoughts too
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    @Marl3x if you don't need performance, absolute control over every aspect of the program and its execution, and small compiled size (for embedded, for example) then you don't need C++. If you want any of the above then you do.
    It's scary and complex because it doesn't hide anything from you, and has a pretty powerful template system.
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    @RememberMe if i need the above I'll use c
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    @Marl3x not saying that C isn't a good thing, but C++'s more advanced features do come in handy. Like smart pointers. Or compile time evaluation. You can easily write a good, readable, and performant C++ program.

    And the object orientation comes in handy for dealing with something that manipulates a ton of data, like a game or a raytracing engine.

    I just find C++ a lot more maintainable and convenient than C, because of OOP, STL, and Boost.
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    I love C
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    @RememberMe I don't see C++ in anything else than VERY performance reliant and complex systems, like- as you said- engines or the like. But anything else where I need something low level I would prefer C. I've seen the Boost thingy once when searching the internet and I find the syntax gruesome.
    When I programmed my Arduino I used C++ without knowing it. I just used C and classes from C++ and thats all I needed.
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    Did you know php compiles down to C++, so that comparing the two is like comparing a car to an engine.
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    @Marl3x well I'll admit that for all its utility, Boost can get a bit hairy, yeah, especially the more template dependant libraries like Hana. But that's also because Boost pushes C++ to its limits.

    Hmm, fair enough on using C for low level stuff. I will say though that you can switch off a lot of library dependencies and use template magic to write performant and bugfree code which compiles down to a pretty damn small size for embedded controllers. I did a lot of that for robotics in uni, it was way more convenient that doing everything in embedded C. But, to each his own.
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    @wrkuijpers Yeah was thinking the same
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    So you are scary and stupid? C++ is scary and you are stupid?
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