First day at work:
To install IDE - raise a ticket.
To get access to source control - raise a ticket.
To get access to bug tracker - raise a ticket.
To raise a ticket, I need first to connect to the intranet, but to do that, I need to raise a ticket.
AND even before that, I need a username to login to my laptop, raising a ticket is also required.

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    @Cyanide real TDD
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    Reminds me of my first time working as a dev for a bank πŸ˜‚
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    First day at my current job they had us setup using a python script someone wrote, but it definitely took longer to setup than doing it manually
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    Yeah sounds like banking environment πŸ¦πŸ’΄πŸ’ΆπŸ’΅
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    My laptop was supposed to be preinstalled, but it was the lightest installation of visual studio I've ever witnessed. I wasn't even able to start a console project. Quite a wtf moment.

    There also was an installment of Oracle Developer, which was so fucked up it took me almost all day to get it working. By eventually reinstalling it. Nice first working day...
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    Reminds me of my first company. Raise a ticket to get access to the intranet and the ticketing software.

    In the current one, the IT is like"Here's your system, and here's admin rights. Do whatever the fuck you want to. Just don't be stupid and get caught doing illegal stuff."
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    Just be happy that you don't have to raise a ticket if you want to pee.

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    @lazysnail My flatmate worked in a company where they had to swipe in to access the restroom.

    In his yearly performance review meeting his manager created a chart with the number of times he goes to the restroom everyday and the time he spent in there. Apparently for every person he didn't want to give a raise to
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    @badcoder I don't know what to say now , hahahaha

    That is like next level shit
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    By any chance, do you work with my current company? ;p
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    The circle of ticket
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    Welcome to my world. Still don't have Wi-Fi access. Apparently external consultants are 'a security risk'. So I connect via VPN. FFS.
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    The ticket to hell
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    I've got my machine setup with chocolately and PowerShell. I can refornat and have everything resetup including most windows preferences automatically. Love it.

    I'm sorry for that ridiculous experience. That must suck
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    @immutable we work at the same office then, fucking same scenario not even a single bit was missing.
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    @ttshivhula yeah, I'm also working for a bank HAHA
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    Raise a tickets using sticky notes until you have access to your stuff ;-)
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    @FunkDelegate but were you actually able to compile the project after the first day? For us it takes a week to get there, lol.
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    @electrineer yes, I think so. Don't know if I was very useful though 8)
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    What's fucking ticket? I don't get it. Everyone talks about some tickets.
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    @Pogromist it probably has something to do with ticks
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    @Pogromist those are tickets in a task management system. Basically messages someone has to pick up.
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    I bet that for raise a ticket you must raise a ticket first right... It happened to me when I worked for banks... Bureaucracy, bureaucracy everywhere
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