Ideal (Green line) vs my sprint burndown :(

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    It's going the wrong way. :(
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    @kwilliams Yes :( Every time I have a meeting with my manager things keep getting added to the sprint backlog.
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    Tell your manager:
    That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works.
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    I feel you, m8. You have to adjust the project's deadline (or current sprint) because if you keep adding things, your planning will be useless (you might have noticed that).

    I don't know if you can make the call on this, but if you don't, talk to your manager or the person in charge. Try to tell this person, in a kind manner, that this "add moaaarr features" is madness if there aren't any adjustments in the delivery's date.

    really. talk to someone.
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    @thassiov @kwilliams Thanks guys. Manager didn't complain and understood what was going on. He is a really nice guy and he said I shouldn't worry about it.

    This was the last sprint and the project is finished now so I'm happy overall
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    Most accurate Expectations vs Reality for software dev I've seen 👌
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    Haha. This looks very familiar :)
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    Fill only 60-80% of the sprint during planning. Leave space for the unexpected.

    Also, that flatline is not scope change due to issues hitting the sprint after start. Shit is just not moving to resolution. Check your workflow and look for bottlenecks that are keeping issues open for a long time (E.g protracted review process)

    Practice “stop starting start finishing”

    Finally, “no” is the most important word you should learn to use. Say no if it’s not achievable. Your scrum master should be protecting you from this nonsense.
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