Do you agree? Yes/No? Why?

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    Salary is a temporary necessity to keep you warm while working on your dreams.
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    They are doing a shit job because im pretty much living my dream right now
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    As @sharktits said. I'm making good money, I get my metal shows, drugs, caffeine, code, leisure time, traveling and people respect what I do.

    Other than becoming a millionaire I'm pretty much on a good way in regard to my dreams.
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    @DevForTheMoney @AlexDeLarge @sharktits definitely I am agree with it. It's depend upon dream.
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    This is some garbage you'd find on an Instagram account with 12k followers trying to teach a "millionaire's mentality" to some money hungry douchebag dude.

    If you aren't fucking stupid when making important decisions, then you can work your dream job. I have a general idea as to what I think my dream job would be, so now I will be working towards achieving that goal.
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    I'm fine with what I have. Remember that just having 30 kEUR anually means you're among the income richest 1% of this world.
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    @DevForTheMoney salary is a temporary solution to a permanent problem.
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    The problem is as permanent as you let it be.
    If you do not work on your own dream next to working on someone else's dream, the only person letting your dream die is yourself.
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    Nah. I like my job and learn loads of stuff and my 'relationship' with my boss and colleagues is great!
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    @AlexDeLarge you mean completely legal and safe substances that are definitely not drugs
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    OP vs first comment is the difference between shitty job and a good job
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