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    Ugh lol
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    For 5 grants I can copy YouTube CSS
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    This schmuck will probably spend more than that monthly just on hosting fees, if it gets anywhere.
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    "~$100 million per year in networking+storage costs"

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    @JoshBent Just use yt for storage!
    It is free afterall!
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    Just like ruclip.com .
    It seems that they've basically wrapped their own site around youtub which gives them userdata, a renamed logo and own ad revenue.
    Just wondering why youtuben hasn't done something so far.
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    @LinusCDE It still embeds YouTube clips iirc, so the and revenue still flows to YouTube, so I doubt they care the pennies they do with some ads around the embed container
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    @JoshBent Your're right. You'll probably get the ad-presolls from YT.
    But they still make a good profit on something that isn't their own work.
    They didn't even bother to add a own design.
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    @LinusCDE It's funny that I even know what you mean, because it literally pops up sometimes randomly in the search results when you look for some sort of clip, all the other times the YouTube and all other results pop first
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    @JoshBent Yeah. I because I wanted to see what the Youtube-Trends for other nations look like.. and this popped up.
    It also kinda confirmed a common stereotype: Russians hacking in CS:GO (A let's player using wallhacks was in the trends).
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    "i want to develop"

    well, okay, then stop posting stupid "job offers" and get on with the coding.

    however, if you want to HAVE IT DEVELOPED FOR YOU, put some more reasonable price tag on it.
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    Buy a domain that sounds cool and redirect to YouTube.com
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    @jAsE still probably way to little types of cancer...
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    $5000? I can give him a mockup design for that?
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    @2lazy2debug same
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    @A-C-E with an ad frame
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    @Teknas or set up a site that looks like YouTube but replaces their ads with yours. Nobody will ever know 😂
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    I want to join this person's company to help him/her build this to compete with YouTube. 🤣😂
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    Give 50m $ then I'll think about how it really needs 😂😂😂
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    Just fork PeerTube and change the design.
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    There are two zeros missing in the price for the MVP
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