Recruiter e-mail:

„Hope this InMail finds you in the best of your health.

I was going through your profile and found your Scala experience pretty attractive. Infact your experience matches one of the job requirements that I'm working on.”

Sure, but I don’t have anything even remotely mentioning Scala on my profile.

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    Yes, but one of the other 3 million recipients of the email will and they'll feel specially selected because of their unique experience.

    Until they see the job, of course. Probably doesn't involve Scala.
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    reply: "I hope this OutMail finds you in a mental hospital where you belong..."
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    I get almost the same bullshit multiple times week, just replace Scala with Java. If only the punishment for repeated spamming was to get your genitals mutilated.
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    Probably you have Java, so they offer you a Scala job, so you can end up doing more Java
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