I've been an android/anti-ios person for around a decade and im now seriously considering switching to ios when the new iphones land. My mother is an apple nut and my brother is on android and everytime i bring up even the slightest nitpick about ios or macos (such as the fact that the "always use this application" checkbox on macos does not work or that you have to upload music through itunes) they jump on the "wtf then why would even consider it??????" train. In short its because ios seems at least a little bit more stable overall (havent had much experience with ios in general this is really more of a first impression). Well I got a replacement LG V20 just over a year ago and it has not aged well, had to replace the battery because i barely got 4 hours with minimal usage, even when i got the thing it was rather jittery, and its just now getting oreo (and surely wont be getting pie). Hell i was removing several apps earlier and it took a solid 4 MINUTES to uninstall an icon pack. After some investigation into the ios ecosystem i found that all the apps that i would need are on there so that was great. What im really hoping for though is some stability/longevity, im ok with paying around 1000 for a phone if it lasts a while and stays in decent shape. Finally the fact that the updates are sparing at best (with the exception of pixel phones) is a great annoyance whereas my mothers (around 4 years old) ipad is rocking ios 11. Could someone who has made the leap make a recommendation? I love android but i feel like all i would accomplish is buying another phone that craps out after less than a year.

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    LG V20?

    Have you thought about buying a flagship Android? Because I mean, they get more love than mid and lower tier phones. And it'll likely be getting Android.

    I mean, you're already willing to pay a fuck ton for a phone if you're even considering iOS
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    Not to mention, I just bought a Pixel XL and it's still a solid phone in 2018.

    Seems to me like you're expecting flagship specs and support for nonflagship devices... Which is not how this works.

    Flagship Androids get the same love as iOS, especially if you get it a Pixel because it's genuinely the exact same as iOS experience (in terms of quick updates and support or whatever).
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    A flagship Android lasts just as long as an iPhone. The downside is it will probably be less maintained (with security updates only) after the 3rd or 4th year.

    I bought mine after one year it was launched, paid half of the equivalent iPhone, it's 2 years old now and rocking.
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    Bro, have you heard of these... paragraphs before? 😋
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    iPhone 6s since September 2015. Runs as good as the day i bought it. Runs the latest iOS and will run the next iOS update on the day it is released. Although the apple music app is shite. I am with Amazon unlimited, cheaper and much bigger catalogue.
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    seriously don't compare a mid/low tier phone to a flagship. It doesn't make sense.

    I had a samsung s4 zoom until this year. So for about 5 years. Yes, android on it was getting old and it was slowly getting more and more slow, but it worked just fine, until it died. I also played around with custom roms on it for the last 1-2 years, so there is always that.

    It wasn't even a flag ship model, it was more of a weird thing but it was great.

    Do your research before investing into anything, read test reviews, and don't compare two very different price categories. It doesn't make sense.
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    I apologize, I think the original intent was lost somewhere in the message. I think my frustration towards my family may have clouded exactly what I was trying to say in that original post. I understand that my device wasn't a flagship and it's not really fair to compare the two for reasons such as price, hardware, and of course updates. To be honest, I wasn't too worried about price as they seem to all be relatively close so If I have to spend a couple hundred on one or the other when I do go to buy a new phone I don't mind. I was trying to focus more on the comparison of longevity between the two platforms. I'm not all that familiar with iOS devices but I've heard they get updates for a reasonable period. How do recent android flagships compare as far as software updates go and how long do the manufacturers typically support them?
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