Scrolling on Medium I came across this article, about a girl dating a programmer.. 😂😂 😂


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    Well this is true on most points its also a bit over the top. But I might share this with future dates xD
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    I stopped when it said php
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    @davehuk I also stopped reading your comment when I read PHP
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    I can relate , everybody can
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    @davehuk @Codex404 I just commented it out
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    @Codex404 Stop this madness! I cannot finish a single comment! PHP
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    @Clear0Ff i cant even manage to get a gf not to even mention or even think about "cheating" on her.... goddamn some people...


    since that statement is true, does that mean the gf can easily cheat on the programmer? so whats the fucking point then?
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    @Codex404 , @davehuk , @Viewholder why hate PHP?

    It's the easiest to set up and is one of the first server-side languages noobs like me learn.

    It's all the same to me. PHP, ASP, Python, JS,... the basics and logic are all the same.


    Ps. If you stopped reading on the first line you won't read this. If you do, Join me... Join the dark side and let's do sadistic orgies with nerd groupies... Yes, they exist... And they are mostly masochist. Good for my dungeon... Come and visit, enjoy the ropes and chains.
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    @gLiTcH Ruby? difficult?

    Well, never used Ruby on Rails, but after 15 years without programming, It was the first language I picked to get back to the wagon because the reviews said it was the easiest.

    And it really is... Like Pascal or Python but a lot easier.
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    @gLiTcH Didn't want to learn Ruby on Rails since all the big ones were getting away from it because It doesn't scale good (gets slow).
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    @GyroGearloose I don't hate PHP? I stopped reading his comment when I saw PHP since PHP was the last word of his comment....
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    It started getting incomprehensible the further down I got
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    @GyroGearloose php!

    it is assuring to know I'm in the majority, where is the dungeon?
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    @SukMikeHok thats a really good point

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    Lol if a girl was going to complain about the same things as that article does I wouldn’t want to date her. Especially the attention and “source of happiness” shit
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    I looove dating developers!!!!

    only with them I laugh way too much, like getting a cheesy print "in this house we love, live and forget" scratching "love, live and forget" off and replacing it with "count from 0"

    love devs - dont you ever change <3 <3 <3
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    @GyroGearloose haha, I'm ++ing for 5001 the second time now. :-)
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    @Orni I didnt see it as complaining. I did see it as warning that when you date a developer you will not be able to constantly hang on to them and that you need to handle that.
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    @Codex404 yeah but if you expect to be able to constantly hang on them it’s not gonna be a great relationship.
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    @Orni and thats the whole point of the post...
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    @Codex404 I mean regardless if they’re a dev or not. That’s not a good formula for a relationship period
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    @Orni not everyone agrees, especially not on the beginning of a relationship.
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