Just created my first program using powershell, It runs in the morning and gives me a weather forecast.

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    It's not a forecast if it says currently
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    @electrineer good point, and im too tired so sorry :(
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    @electrineer Good catch haha. But awesome OR!
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    90% cloud coverage? Now that is some serious coverage. The clouds must have been developed using TDD.
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    But can it stop auto-update?
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    @sam21s not sure whah you mean?
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    @Segeco lol he was making a joke about Windows Update
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    @electrineer lmbo 😂 let him enjoy his app in peace.
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    Pretty cool! But not a rant unless you're unhappy with it. :/
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    @ThreadRipper Well i finally made a forecast feature that works so its no longer a rant idk

    (Also my name isn't josh, just used instead of testing lol)
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    @MySlugLikesSalt yeah I wasn’t either until I put my head down and just thought ‘yeah imma make this’ and thanks :)
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    So cool! Github that puppy
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    @Segeco adverage/average ;)
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    This look similar to a bash script I made that launched a terminal and issued:
    curl wttr.in

    On startup
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    ITS NOT A PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE ITS A SCRIPTING LANGUAGE!!! - sorry I had to. Nice job looks pretty solid.
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    @n3xus Scripting languages are programming languages.

    Btw, html is kinda a programming language, but it is not imperative (C, Java, JS, Bash, Python, etc.), but it is a declarative one (JSON, YAML, etc.). It’s also in a subset of declarative languages called markup languages (Markdown, hyper text MARKUP language)

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    @n3xus the implication for a programming language is that it is compiled, but for all intensive purposes, it makes the computer do something, has variables, control flow, etc, scripting languages are generally considered a subset of programming languages

    @-vim- html is not a programming language. end of story.
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    @calmyourtities holy shit you two it was a joke 😂
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    @calmyourtities compiled? What about low level programming? And how do you explain declarative languages?
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    @-vim- JSON and YAML aren't programming languages either. HTML is a markup language, not sure what JSON and YAML would be considered but not programming languages.
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