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    I'm feeling bad for Bing now
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    Bing is great for porn tho
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    I'd watch this anime.
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    I do not belive this is animie, it is manga
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    Using bing daily, not such problems, i bet ddg is not far superior than bing
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    @dontbeevil ddg works quite well in all countries. Bing gives complete crap results here. So to answer your question yes bing is far far behind.
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    I mean… it still supports ie6 on Windows XP... sooooo
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    i came here to meme, not to feel.
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    Bing since 2014... Haven't looked back.

    But guys, seriously though, keep hating on Microsoft, it is really edgy and cool 😂😂
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    Now I feel like using bing
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    I use bing because Google has started doing this thing where it tries to give me results for queries I didn't ask.

    I search for "software version problem"

    And Google gives me loads of results with

    "Missing 'version', must include 'version'"

    And I'm sat there thinking "fuck you Google if I wanted to search without the version I wouldn't have included it"
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    Also bing-tan is cute, she knows she's not a 10 and tries to make up for it, Google is the smart girl with the glasses who looks down on you
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    @seraphimsystems and stalks you everywhere providing you targeted ads and notifications
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    @dontbeevil I don't mind, I like a little yandere
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