Am currently loosing my job in London due to no fault of mine. I've got an offer in Amsterdam for €72k. I've no idea how to feel about brexit or it's effects in the near future.
Is the base pay even good for a Senior .Net dev?
Should I take the offer or stay in London? What would you do?
BTW am not an EU/EEA Citizen, I do require work permits in either places.

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    I would say that's a decent starting wage.
    If you're willing to learn dutch that sounds like a good adventure to me.
    Did you look at the cost of housing rent and commute?
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    @heyheni you don't need to speak Dutch to function well in Amsterdam at all. of course the native inhabitants will be much friendlier if you try though.

    I was in Amsterdam and there's a very distinct vibe, quite different from any other city I've been to. if you like it, you'll never want to go back on that offer I guess... really depends on how you feel about it.

    ps: 72k sounds reasonable around here, depends on your family situation if you can find some place nice to live in amsterdam
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    Yeah, I've looked at rent a bit. Thanks for the details though
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