Want to piss off the person reviewing your PR?

don't just return true or false use 1 == 1 for true and 1 == 2 for false.

Watch the glorious rage unfolds

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    Except every preprocessor optimizes constants, you are not wasting any cpu cycles
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    I often use true and !true to toggle stuff during debugging, just because it's faster to type.

    It has happened more than once that I forget to take it out, and I have vital stuff tucked inside "if !false" and "if true" waiting for review.
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    @ganjaman I don't know much about preprocessor optimizations as i want to, but if that's true then it's good to know
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    @pyaf didnt know ganja was a hindi word, the name comes from here https://youtu.be/C6Le7luzv2Y
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    You monster
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    Make it the JavaScript way:

    //Always go here
    //Never goes here
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