Wouldn't it be amazing if Linus Torvalds just say "fuck it, fuck this controversy, fuck the CoC and all the self righteous dumbass people infecting my community!"

And just forks Linux to start a new OS? Would you support him? I bet he would have huge independent support, hell I'm poor and even I'd donate.

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    All they'd have to do is pull their code.
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    I'd follow Linus off the edge of a cliff as long as he stayed his normal self tbh
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    I understand the thoughts behind it, but I don't think that "Linux" needs to be even more fragmented.

    (I'm saying this for Linux to get more popular with the average customer.)
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    Yes but there is this problem: if such thing happens, next day Linus WILL come and tell you
    -Your contribution has not been good enough for me. Suck my cock?

    What will you answer then? :D
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    @Jilano well there's only one kernel, right. All the diversity happens with the distributors downstream, with various desktops, package managers, stock kernels, release schedules etc etc. For the distributors, a forked kernel would just mean changing the remote of their upstream sources, right. But I can see your point.. on the distribution side (downstream) the fragmentation is a real problem. We need a systemd for more aspects of Linux - especially package managers I think.
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    Tbh, there is more than 1 kernel, as anyone can compile his own and include his own set of patches.

    Besides, linux is not the only one alternative to windows and osx.
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    @Condor You are completely right. The tricky thing is: "IT" gals and guys like that aspect, being able to do whatever the fuck you want with your OS, tweak it, fuck it, even build your own!

    But if Linux is to ever be considered a major opponent version Windows, it has to have some consistency and more than that, a "face" that people recognise.
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