I wish I had that self esteem a lot of my classmates posses.
I'm working for my prof, I've kinda made my very first step into the industry. Somewhere deep inside I know I'm talented and smart. However, every day I am worried that I'm not good enough and it will be noticed at the job soon.
Is that common thing in Dev community? Just want to know opinions

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    I've heard tons of people suffering from impostor syndrome, mainly in computer science. Hell, I feel the same way myself. But I mean, developers have never been known for good mental health anyways.
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    @infernalempress impostor syndrome! That's how it called, thank you!
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    The more you know, the less you know. It's not an uncommon feeling.
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    Keep going. Its a very common feeling even when you should know you are good enough and its not all bad, it keeps you on your toes striving to do better :)

    Instead of leaning back satisfied and getting sidelined.

    Just try to remember that most self esteem is only on the surface, underneath many of them feel just the same ;)
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    Have a roadmap/milestone. List down what you wanna learn. Redis, memcached, CI, git, Unity, PHP, linux, opengl, nodejs, etc. After that still be humble, just know that there a lot of things out there to learn. Collaborate and see how others do something in different perspective.

    I experience that too but mehhh that's life...
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    I’ve always felt that I’m not good enough too, I’m in the 6th year of my career now. My best friend is a SQL dev too and he’s always told me I am... but I never believed him! I know how difficult it is to get out of that mindset

    One of my friends actually said to take a look around you at people at the same level and above and work out what you can do that they can’t.. I can guarantee you’ll find things 😊
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    I think it's because the industry is so vast that every single time you learn something new you find out how much more you don't know.

    Get rid of the "I must know everything" mentality and adopt the "I must be able to adapt to anything" mentality.
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