Anxiety and depression came back today.
I have so many feelings I can't express to anyone.
I have so many thoughts and ideas I can't talk to anybody about.
Friends never invite me anywhere.
Sometimes I think about ending it all.
It's been like this for the past 5 years or so.

Isn't life just great sometimes? 🙃

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    aww, that sucks. Are you addressing the anxiety and depression with a therapist? there is zero shame asking for help. I hope you'll pull through!
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    @CoffeeNcode No, it usually goes away after a week or so. But yeah, seeing someone is probably a good idea.
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    @olback indeed it is, and if it's just your general practitioner / normal doctor. please make the effort :)
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    Go exercise every couple days (start running or cycling with bike) and have healthy food full of veggies. Avoid stimulants such as coffee cigarettes and alcohol. Also sleep enough. This should help a lot. Its hard to stay depresed once u fix your energy leaks and have lots of energy.
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    If ye need to talk, hit me up! I am sometimes also coping with these damn boomerangs .. maybe I can elp!
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    You need to just talk with someone about your feelings. Someone who doesnt judge or record your conversation. And really tell them exactly how you feel. Keeping feelings bottled up is just unhealthy. But the public internet sadly is not the place to do that. Because records...
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    Get yourself a dog, It’ll give you a reason. The bond will be strong and the love unconditional. It will get you out regularly and you may meet that special person. There are bars etc that allow dogs. You will have a reliable best friend. All the therapy you need!
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    You're lucky they do leave you sometimes 😒
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    Would you say your depression is chronic no matter what happens, or is it in response to a specific event/acute?

    A lot of people talk about talking therapy and lifestyle changes, but to trigger the right environment for those, pharma often has its place, especially if you are in a self perpetuating cycle already.
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