I'm stuck using an iPhone 5c until the end of the week. It's soooooo tiny. How did we ever type on these! Interesting carrying around a blast from the past 😂

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    It hasn't even been THAT long since that generation of phones too. That was like 2013/2014 I believe. The advancements that have been made in just the past ~5 years are amazing, there's no doubt about it
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    @infernalempress Yeah, such advancements. High-end Phones cost 1500 bucks now instead of 500, and are like 0.3mm thinner. Wow. Much Progress.
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    @deadlyRants Holy fuck man, now that I think about it more, you're right. It's mainly been cosmetic changes.

    (Sorry I'm like barely awake right now, thinking isn't very good when I'm like this)
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    @deadlyRants On top of that, it was harder to drop a phone that you could actually hold compare to the "TV" you have to carry now.
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    @infernalempress it is crazy indeed. But at the same time it's crazy what this little guy can do. Unburdened by steps tracking, a large screen, and almost no background functions the battery can last for days despite being years old and smaller. Not sure it's the original battery but I know the phone has sat for at least a year. And it's reasonably fast most of the time.

    @deadlyRants I'd say moving to x64 based processors has been a big step. However when that happened, the phones also got saddled with a bunch of background tasks loading up the processor and draining the battery. As for size, I will say that having held a variety of phones the iPhone 6 or iPhone X is probably the ideal size for most use cases. That's one reason why the pixel is basically iPhone 6 sized.
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    A 5C small? have you typed on the average touchscreen android phones that came after ebook readers? those were 3.2" at the highest end.
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