Cut -> Paste
Copy -> Paste -> Delete (original)?

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    Anyone whom says cut is mentally unstable and likely displays psychopathic habits and should therefore be avoided.
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    cut -> save -> paste

    I like to live dangerously.
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    ^X ^V or alternatively d<motion> p
    Maybe i'll use visual mode instead of deleting right away
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    C-x C-v. Like @Stuxnet said, please stay away from me. AWAY!
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    for me it's more like
    ctrl+x and accicently press 'c' which makes it cut then copy an empty space.
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    I might actually be mentally unstable and show signs of psychopathic behaviour :D I actually Cut and paste in place to paste in destination if I just want to copy...
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    That was actually asked in my interview and the correct answer is cut past.
    Cut past moves the file... i.e. there is no new file creation involved in the buffer and as a result it is faster.
    The faster the better so cut past better ((well ofc if you don't want to keep a copy))
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    @GodlikeBlock Man, I use y instead of d most of the time cause I feel like I'll break something if I delete it first
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    Cut -> Paste
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    If the file is moving on the same drive, cut + paste
    If the file is headed over a network, copy + paste + delete

    If something goes wrong during the transfer of the file when it’s been cut, it’s going to be corrupt at the other end (if it makes it) and you won’t have the original to try again.
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