Guys google have made a revolutionary discovery, it's going to change smartphones for the better!!!!

(Yes must clarify this is immense amounts of sarcasm because fucking hell google you would think you have all this money that you could work this fucking shit out...)

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    Welcome in 2014 google
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    Ain't that big of a difference if you don't run OLED/AMOLED, right?
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    @ScriptCoded yep, on LCD the battery usage would be the same.
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    @ScriptCoded but considering most phones are moving to OLED and we have have OLED displays for bloody years now it's sort of a given that we would need a dark mode to compliment
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    Maybe one day they'll refer to an empty background as darkspace on your website instead of whitespace.
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    @devrocket And an empty page beeing called a noir page instead of a blank one.
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    You know the first thing I do with every phone I get, is set the background/etc. black..

    Been doing that for years, and years..
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    Black should be by default. But a lot of apps don’t give a f*ck. My eyes hurt at night.
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    That means Apple will have it by 2026, nice
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    @wholl0p no they will have a revolutionary super retina care mode
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    Wait I tweeted for that 3-4 days ago, didn't get any reply but did they see my tweet?
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    @vlatkozelka lmao, the above article is mostly based for google apps like chrome, gmail, notes which don't hv dark mode as an option.
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    It'd be awesome if it was system wide. 3rd party developers have been doing this for years (xda developers where I started my rooting and modding journey) and they don't have money like Google. So, any idea why Google hasn't done this yet?
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