Do you guys ever use the windows 10 app store ?
It's fucked up, loading most of the time, can't correctly install a simple app ..

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    Never - I avoid it as much as possible and if what is needed is available only on Windows Store then from my point of view it doesn't exist (this includes the Linux distro apps that you can get on Windows 10 to run through Windows subsystem for Linux). I had only negative experience with that garbage patch, eventually started dropping Windows 10 from my computers altogether.
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    What is that?
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    Nope, unavailable on the LTSC version
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    I use it to uninstall all the shit it try’s to add, and disable auto updates and suggestions.
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    I have tried to install "Minion Rush" for my son the other day.

    Well... I wasted about three hours and he can play "Minion Rush" on my phone instead.
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    Yes, on my old phone and rarely on PC, do have the Minecraft version from there for free though
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    Mine won't even open up. But it says I can use some error collecting software thingie from Microsoft (which I already uninstalled at that point) so it just opens the store in another window giving me the same error.

    But even if it would open up: there's literally no app in there that's worth installing it
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    This is what Microsoft wants to kill steam for.
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    Not yet..

    I was tempted once because a "It used to be free app from MS" is only available there and I really wanted to try it to see if it still worked flawlessly..

    But as I got nearer and nearer to actually being able to download it, I had more and more issues just reaching that point, so I gave up and used another application that is nearly as good..

    Whatever happened to just "click here to download" option for things you want !
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    I used it the other day to download something for the fun of it. Didn’t have an issue.

    Didn’t like it much though.
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    One time I bought a game on it and it worked fine for one day but then it just silently crashed when I tried to launch it. No error message or anything, the window just closed. I looked into it and it turns out windows store games can't handle windows accounts that aren't connected to your microsoft account. And I'm not going to sign into my computer with my outlook email address
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