sudo apt-get update


sudo apt update

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    Well first one does most of the updates for me

    Second one is the only one that can do kernel updates

    Though I'm lazy to read what's the difference between them :\ I know its a shame :(
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    yum update
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    dnf update
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    pacman -Suy 🤷‍♂️
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    apt has a progress bar, apt-get doesn't.
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    apt upgrade
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    @Hishiro actually didn’t know that.:/ thanks! :)
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    emerge -tav
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    Apt is just a wrapper for apt-get. They both do exactly the same, except apt was designed with human friendliness in mind.
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    @620hun You have that backwards.
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    @620hun @Root

    "A few years ago, Linux Mint implemented a python wrapper called apt that actually uses apt-get but provides more friendly options. This apt which we are discussing here is not the same as the one in Linux Mint."
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    @Root @joas Maybe they shuffled things around since I last checked, but apt is newer than apt-get, and they both do the same thing. That’s the takeaway from what I’ve written.
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    I barely know anything about Linux, but what I do know is that with apt you have a progress bar on the bottom and apt-get has some pretty flags you can add, even though I don't really use them
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    apt-get out of habit

    apt after using apt-get
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