What are your suggestions for notebooks with metal /Aluminium cases?

My MacBook Air won’t live much longer and I wanna get away from apple.. however, a robust case is important to me..

Maybe a ZenBook?

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    My hp omen did well for me
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    My HP envy is doing alright.

    XPS 13 is pretty schweet too
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    @Stuxnet I used a XPS13 at my previous job, it's awesome. I'd say it's 'cute'' haha
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    @phacus I wanted one so badly but my budget would've barely gotten me the lowest spec version, so I had to pass it up.

    One day I'll buy one though lol
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    @Stuxnet I'm from Brazil. The CTO was spending the holidays in the USA. i7, 16GB, 512SSD for $1333. Some kind of Amazon promo.

    Damn, that thing was good
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    Thanks for your suggestions.
    So sounds like many of you like the xps13. Will have a closer look at it.
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    @just8littleBit I have a bulky Inspiron 7520...that thing ws amazing.

    I hope you enjoy, if you choose it.
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    Go for XPS.
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    I own an xps13 and I've gotta say.. It's freakin' AWESOME!

    FTR, it's a HI-end XPS: i7 SKL, 16G RAM, 4k touch display

    It's a VERY cool [temperature wise] lappy. Tiny but with decent size screen. A comfy kbd. And I never thought I'd like a touchscreen that much on a laptop :)

    Things to consider regd. aluminium case:
    - if you bump it it'll stay bent. I've bumped mine at the bottom of the screen. The bend is there to stay forever. Plastic would've cracked tho
    - the laptop if very cool and it feels much cooler with aluminium case on your lap. It's sometimes annoying in hot summers
    - I think I haven't made a single scratch on the case yet. Have been using it for over 2 years.

    If you can afford -- just go for it... Just do it. It's fucking worth the price. If I had to buy another lappy but the one I've already got I'd most certainly get the HI-END XPS 13 latest release (I think it's foldable now! that's the only feature I'm missing). And it plays along with Linux just fine.
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    @netikras Damn, now I miss using it!

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    @phacus I hear Christmas is coming. If you've been good this year maybe you should reward yourself? Considering Black Friday is almost here... :)
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    @netikras Oh, man... I live in Brazil..it's crazy expensive over here. But I was a good boy, though
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    @wowotek +1 for ThinkPad, they are known for being solid and reliable though its case isn't solid aluminum like macbooks.
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    Thanks guys, it’s really helpful to me!

    Especially @netikras , you convinced me😄

    As long as I get an ok deal on either cybermonday or Black Friday, an xps13 it shall be.
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    Why not just keep your old MacBook around whenever you need the case? It's still the capable cutting surface it always was.
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    @tokumei i think solid cut aluminium make the looks more nicer, but loses reliability.
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    xps 13 it is.
    Saved 800.- because of cyber Monday week on amazon👍

    1TB SSD
    16gb ram
    i7 8th gen

    Thanks for your input guys, can’t wait to get it. Should arrive in 2 days.
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