I wrote my resignation letter yesterday, all’s good.

Today, bossman walks in:
“I’ve got some great news, all our developers are getting a raise”

Me: *well shit*

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    How big a raise?
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    I hated where I worked, complained to all my co-workers about it. Then I got the only raise in two years, only for management to find the complaints in slack a week later and fire me.
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    He is just doing that to make you regret. Ignore and move on with your life
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    Wait did you turn in the letter?

    If not that makes the situation a lot different.

    Either way, if the raise isn't competitive with your new salary, I wouldn't lose a lotta sleep.
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    @psion1369 That's rough man.
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    If you've actually decided to quit, I don't think a raise is a good enough incentive to stay. Except of course when the only reason you are quitting is because of low salary.
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    Didn’t actually turn in the letter yet, i still will as the raise is only about €150 and my new salary is going to be around €1300 more lol

    This was just my initial reaction
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    Guess where the money is gonna come from.
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    @Stuxnet Less than two months later, I'm working in a better company and making more than the raise was.
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    That raise is going to come with picking up your work 😀
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    "I've got even better news. I resign."
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    I already have mine written and my review is next year. If no raise or low raise, I'm turning it in. The long commute is slowly killing me anyway.
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    They got the raise because you left
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    @brano88 there were some more...issues.
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    Looks connected. You left therefore everyone got a raise lel
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