Tries to use SoundCloud API for a client

Docs say you need a client key

Wants to create one by signing up clients application

Signup-Form says:applicazion registration currently not available

Goes to soundcloud dev forums

Raging devs rage about that soundcloud has terminated their api registration for about 13 months now

Me thinking: That's probably the best way to make a conpany grow!

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    And the client?
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    @Mizz141 can't use soundcloud on his website as hard as it is.
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    Welp 😐 noice from them 🤗 Alternative: write a javascript client-side code to make the api requests via the normal webpage and parse the html response. That a bit "hacky" but if there is no other solution this would be problem solver - although not one to show off with 😉
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    @moagggi I hate it when this becomes the solution
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    @tmpnull I too, but when this is the only available solution beneath not having a solution, that's want has to be done :/
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    @moagggi the problem is that i need to stream sound
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    that only leaves one thing...
    *pulls out the scraper and phantomjs*
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    @ScaryException If you open the network tab on soundcloud and play a song you can actually get the URL of the whole file (not sure if this has been changed but it worked a year or so ago) :)
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