Increasing RAM 😁

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    Curious, what laptop is that?
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    Curious, do you have to remove the entire bottom plate for a ram upgrade?
    I used to be a laptop repair guy.
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    Pls download link
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    Did you not know, you can just download more RAM

    Pfft people these days...
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    Is that HDD ? Do a SSD upgrade first. Then RAM
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    Wow hp really don't know how to make their internals sexy...

    Got tech blue balls now...
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    @bigus-dickus I guess that he did that on purpose. Probably wanted to show the matching pattern of the laptop internals' colors and the table's colors and patterns.
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    HP laptops usually let you remove one panel to swap HDDs/RAM if they're at all replaceable.
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    Replace HDD with SSD, remove DVD replace it with Hardisk Caddy.
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    @wowotek My brother's Asus laptop actually came with one of those caddies, which is how it came with a 128gb SSD and a 1tb HDD.

    I'll get one for myself at some point, because when I got my laptop I swapped out the 1tb HDD for a 1tb SSD and I might just put the HDD in the caddy. Then eventually I'll just get an external Blu-Ray drive.

    And while I'm kinda on the topic..my dad's laptop has the normal SATA drive, an NVMe M.2 slot, and an optical drive. He has a 1tb SATA SSD, he ordered a 1tb NVMe SSD. If he got a drive caddy, he could throw ANOTHER 1tb SATA drive in there.

    Holy shit.
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