I just witnessed this interaction between my CTO and an intern. CTO was a good 30 feet away, so everyone heard:

CTO: *talking about some notepad or something* "I HAVE ONE IN MY DESK!"
Intern: **froze - afraid to go through his desk**
Intern: ..........
Intern: **blushing - gently opens drawer**
Intern: "I ..."
Intern: **softly** "I found it..."
Intern: *starts walking back*
(player 3 enters the game) Director of Software: "BRING THE WHISKEY!"

Note: The intern was laughing, he is just a bit timid.

I truly love my job.

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    What CTO doesn't keep a bottle of whiskey?
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    OP is talking about Chief of Threatening Officer. Just teaching the intern about the real world. I wish someone taught me the skills early on. I would be a CTO by now.
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    I really wouldn't like to work in an environment like that
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    @jthm Neither.
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    @SecondSystem Chief of Threatening Officer? hahaha, too good! 😆
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    You seem to have fun workplace with funny people :D
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    Straight out of an Anime.
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    @aldoblack I need to watch more anime
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    @Root better than an uptight place where everyone pretends how professional and happy they are, resulting in the oppressive atmosphere of cold war where one slipped word gets you into trouble.

    these guys actually sound relaxed amd unafraid to express themselves.
    don't know about you, but that's what i call communication
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    @jthm @Root @hanieh-m
    p. s. interesting how the only three people who dislike/don't get the obviously relaxed and joking atmosphere have female avatars...
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    @Midnigh-shcode that "relaxed and joking" atmosphere very honestly doesn't sound friendly to me. It sounds boisterous, insulting, stressful, and full of brocoding. I would hate it.
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    @Root Well, the director I referred to is a female, so there was no "brocoding" involved.
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    Or, is it the ALL-CAPS that offends you? Is that what is stressful?
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    @LoyalRayne offends? really? no.
    But the yelling and swearing / bossing the intern around would make for an uncomfortable work environment. I wouldn't like to work in a place like that.

    Also, you can still have brocoding (or "brogramming") with a female manager/director/etc. See: Tumblr. Hopefully that isn't a thing at your company!
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