I just finished witcher 3 (along with dlcs) and I don't know what to do with my life.

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    Learn Lisp. Or Haskell.

    Or just earn for your living.
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    Hollow Knight

    Dead Cells

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    study maths
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    Divinity Original Sin 2
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    Play Mass Effect
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    Waiting for Cyberpunk 2077
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    Play a good game for a change
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    Read a book. I recommend Brandon Sandersons Cosmere Stuff, start with "The Final Empire" or "The Way of Kings".

    If you are into Fantasy that is.

    Otherwise, i guess this Red Dead Game is all the rage and regarded acceptably good.

    Or "Horizon Zero Dawn", nice game.

    Or learn a (human) language.
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    God of War 4 dude
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    Blood and Wine and Heart of Stone
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