Devrant used to be good site but most of the posts here are memes copied from 9gag or age old programming jokes

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    That’s because most people don’t actually have anything worth saying.
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    I mean shit like this gets posted so
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    None of this is copied from 9gag or any other site.
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    @samadds that is bullshit big chief
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    Oh right .. I always keep forgetting there's a site - been using just the Android App.
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    The funniest thing is, there are probably more posts like yours than memes.

    You are, my friend, recycled
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    @BrainDrain you hit the right spot.
    I'm here for a forever and hadn't had much to share.
    My life isn't interesting as yours.
    But I am a Dev, and I do want to read and share rants
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    Possibly, it's a duplicate for you, but something fascinating and new for another.
    Over time, any social media will have duplicate content. It's a sign of growth as long as it's not spam.

    Well definitely do report it as a repost so the algorithm learns to classify reposts.
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    @A4Abhiraj Exactly

    I don't use Reddit (ew), never saw the point of 9Gag, ect.

    There's also always "not for me" for a reason 🤷🏻‍♂️
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