They call it $5/gb hotel wifi, i call it free uncapped 100meg fibre because your security sucks

Oh and they host their entire POS (and database with backups) on the same network accessible to every TV in the hotel

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    Maybe tell them that they have massive security flaws when checking out? No need to mention details, like that you used the network
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    @linuxxx this must be the stuff of nightmares for you
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    @CoffeeNcode I literally wouldn't use the network if I couldn't use a vpn 😬
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    Be careful I think the TV is trying to swallow your laptop
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    Worst part is.. Your CC info is probably on that DB..
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    @CoffeeNcode I honestly doubt they'll do anything until they have serious issues, but that's the best way to do it.
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    @Jilano nah I see a better way : upload a virus delete their entire database make them loose thousands of dollars in one day and then once you're out of jail come back and tell them "ay m8, u got some security problems"

    And that's how you become a legend.

    ok maybe not
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    @chaoticdenim 😂😂😂😂😂
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    @Jilano Telling is good, but I don't think the receptionist will understand a single word of what you're gonna say. Maybe walk down when you have time and ask if there is anyone around (such as management) and explain the issue to them?
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    I wish I looked back then 😁 https://devrant.com/rants/804771/...
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    @chaoticdenim Sounds like a plan! You go first.

    @MrWouter That is true, even passing a letter or something could help if no one knowledgeable were to be available.
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    Thats a fucking fail
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    Time to get some free nights?
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    Make the POS speak to the receptionist. "Hey, it's your friendly hacker. Please consider to secure your network."

    I read that's how Canadian grey hats make people take security seriously. (With other devices)

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    I'm still confused from which angle the photo should be viewed
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    In Germany a lot of small hotels have similar problems. I have encountered multiple cases of "admin/admin" security at various locations. If I encounter smth like this, and there is a LAN Port in the room I always leave a small paper inside the Port with some warning for other users, so they notice it only if they try to use the LAN
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    Oh what a moment to be alive 🤗
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    Everybody's a winner baby
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    Drop all tables
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    I get approx 150GBs in that much money...

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