Teacher: The next 3 months we're going to learn web dev
Me thinking: fuck yeah, finally, I love web dev.
Teacher 1 week later: shows us how to build with wix-like builder...

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    Waaait~.. The what now? o_O
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    Fuck that shit. Like, literally.
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    Oh maaa farkin gawdliness.

    It’s good to know I still don’t regret not getting a degree.
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    I'm still gonna code xd, at least I can do it on my own way, that is rare

    I am just concerned about the others...
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    My web dev class was about the life and work of Tim Berners Lee, Arpanet and shit like that. It was more of a history of the internet class... Oh, and one time the teacher said PHP was a client side language, until he Googled it because we pointed out that was stupid.
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    @FerDensetsu I don’t want to burst your bubble.... but

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    @C0D4 If I grab a couple of Python functions and implement them in JS, that doesn't mean Python is now client side.
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    @FerDensetsu , Sir Tim Berners Lee is a living legend and should be regarded as one.

    Regardless, its the kind of stupid mistakes people make to compensate for their personal insecurities. The teacher might still say something worth listening to.
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    @bioDan Yes he says useful things that I don't know yet, mostly about programming principles and concepts. There is actually a bright side of everything.
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    Omg you were right this is terrible

    I hope you keep studying in your own time and get a sweet sweet internship to actually learn something
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    @alexbrooklyn Thanks for cheering man :) I'll work hard coz if not I'm gonna fuckin die in school
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