Is it just me or is the 'storefront' test for CAPTCHA much harder than the schoolbus or traffic light? Could be my diminishing eyesight, or bourbon too.

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    Probably because storefronts are usually way further away from the street, where the pics are taken.
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    @jonii If not for useless rabbitholes, the internet and honestly all of humanity, would not exist, or...again...bourbon.
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    Your brain is tuned to finding traffic lights so you can follow the traffic rules and stay deadn't. It's also tuned to be very aware of busses so you don't get run over. Storefronts, however, don't tend to attack you. You usually go to the same stores you've always visited: mostly a supermarket you first found by following the stream of people carrying plastic bags.

    —kitchen psychologist
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    @electrineer Now that my dude explains everything. Thanks for such a wonderful explanation!
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